Prada Circle Sunglasses

My favorite sunglasses website, Retro City Sunglasses, had the exact replicas for .99!!!

Don't they look the same, except for the PRADA logo on the frame and handle like the original Prada Baroque?

I was excited when I finally got my Black Bellissimo Oversize Sunglasses, from Retro City Sunglasses. They were sturdy, made with good quality and fit perfectly on my face! These shades were definitely a STEAL for all that good stuff, that great price and that designer look!

Luxottica Prada PR27NS Sunglasses-NAG/0A4 Havana Spotted Blue (Brown Gradient Lens)-55mm
Shoes (Luxottica)
  • MODEL: PR27NS Fashion Catwalk
  • COLOR: NAG/0A4 Havana Spotted Blue (Brown Gradient Lens)
  • SIZE: 55mm - 22mm - 135mm (millimeters)
  • GENDER: Womens
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year

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Don't overfill your bait bucket. You only need 10 to 20 specimens at a time. More than that can kill the bait. ♢ Protect yourself from the sun. Kirkland wears long sleeves, a hat, a Buff and good polarizing sunglasses and says all are a must.

Popular Q&A

How TO authenticate Prada sunglasses?

In most cases, bootleg sunglasses will have a white brand name placed on the corner front of the lens. Try rubbing the logo with a wet cloth, if it comes off they are counterfeit! You can also take your glasses to an authorized dealer who may be able to confirm or deny if your glasses are indeed real or not.

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