X-Loop Polarized Sunglasses

x-loop sunglasses, sport sunglassesAre known for their sporty sleek appeal. These sunglasses are worn by women and men and have many color options which makes them that more popular.

X-Loop Sunglasses are worn by motorcyclists, runners, tennis players, baseball players, etc. The frames offer a nice wrap around fit, are lightweight and offer a very comfortable fit. Many of the stems have the rubber coating on the ends to ensure no slippage during physical activity.

We offer Polarized X-Loop Sunglasses, Aviator X-Loop Sunglasses, Men and Womens Unisex X-Loop Sunglasses and Casual X-Loop Sunglasses. X-Loop Sunglasses offer 100% UVA & UVB Protection. Be sure to check out our selections, we have the widest selection available on the web!

Wade-fishing tips from a retiring FWC staffer  — Hernando Today
Don't overfill your bait bucket. You only need 10 to 20 specimens at a time. More than that can kill the bait. ♢ Protect yourself from the sun. Kirkland wears long sleeves, a hat, a Buff and good polarizing sunglasses and says all are a must.

$134.95* with 4 LENSES, Barkeater FS goggles (Polarized, all lighting, overcast, night) by SportCamZ, FREE SHIPPING Back To School Special, Hard Travel Case, Frameless, Spherical. 1 Set of Goggles Instead of 4. The official goggles of the Snowbird Race Teams. *Note: Black goggles are $139.95
Sports (SportCamZ)
  • SportCamZ gives you all you need in 1 package, goggles, 4 lenses, tough carry case, AWESOME set.
  • SportCamZ protects your investment like no one else; scratch a lens, you can get a new one ($20-25), stretch/tear your strap we ll send you a new one (2 yr warranty...
  • Pick RED, BLUE, or BLACK frame and that s it, you get ALL 4 LENSES with each Barkeater set.
  • So what s wrong with this deal? NOTHING!! This setup IS AS AWESOME AS IT APPEARS; you just don t know SportCamZ/GoggleOutlet as yet.

Popular Q&A

What are X-Loop sunglasses?

I keep seeing these sunglasses on ebay called X-Loop, they look like oakley sunglasses....are they cheap knock offs? a real brand?
When I do a yahoo or google search for them all I find is a bunch of website selling them at whole sale (12 per box)
Anyone got any info on them (the company or glasses)

Well I own real Oakleys (splice) and love them but I saw a pair of x-loops in a gas station for 12 bucks and I had to have them. Don't expect them to be perfect like oakleys but I have to say that they are by far the nicest cheep sunglasses I have ever seen. they are very well constructed and I get more compliments on them then my oaks. The pair that I have is very durable with thick lenses. To me they look like a pair of $50 sunglasses. They are very nice and I would highly recommend them. In fact I am going to order an assorted dozen to try out right now. the model number on mine is x…

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