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Buy Polarized Sunglasses, Why?

What advantage do polarized sunglasses have over ordinary sunglasses?

The answer to that question is glaringly obvious. (That’s a little “light” humor.) Polarized sunglasses reduce glare!

Sunglasses have been around since Nero's time. Sunglasses would not become polarized, however, until 1936, when Edwin H. Land began experimenting with making lenses with his patented Polaroid filter. Polarized sunglasses lenses are invaluable in high-glare situations, such as driving, boating, golfing, surfing, and fishing. The polarized lenses help reduce glare, which can be a real problem in water sports and many other outdoor activities. Choose polarized lenses if you are outside in high-glare situations a lot.

Aren't polarized sunglasses expensive?

These days, buying polarized sunglasses doesn't mean you have to pay all that much. We have polarized sunglasses starting at $9.99

What is the difference between a polarized lens and one that is not polarized?

A polarized lens filters scattered and reflected light. For example, if you look at water with a standard lens, the surface of the water is reflecting light from all different directions so it's difficult to clearly see an object under water. Polarizing the light filters those reflected rays so you can see below the surface of the water.

Without Polarized Lenses With Polarized Lenses

Are those polarized glasses really polarized?

Most new polarized sunglasses should come with a polarized test tag or lens sticker that indicates they are polarized. The test tag is used by wearing the glasses and looking thru the lens material embedded in the tag while rotating the tag 90 degrees. At some point the material in the test tag should become noticeably darker. If you don't have a test tag you can take two pair of polarized glasses and look thru both, now rotate one glass 90 degrees. you should see an obvious blocking of light if both glasses are polarized.

As always, there are exceptions to the rules! Polarized glasses with a Yellow tint or clear will not change a test tag. Looking thru two pairs of Yellow polarized will not cause a blocking of light either. Yellow polarized filters are best detected using a TFT/LCD monitor, they will cause a shift in color at 90 degrees.

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